Complete Compliance, Inc. (CCI) helps financial institutions find experienced resources to manage their compliance operations, for both state and regulatory guidelines. Based in and serving several states in the Midwest, we specialize in comprehensive compliance services for community and mid-sized banks. Just like the institutions we serve, CCI prides ourselves on knowing our customers and working with them until the job is finished. We will not only identify clients compliance needs but COMPLETE the process by assisting them in fixing these issues and implementing plans for sustainable compliance, tailored to their institution’s specific services. Our focus brings our industry knowledge straight to community financial institutions, provides sound solutions to trouble areas, and builds a compliance program specific to your institution’s needs.

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Sarah Smith, CRCM, CAFP

Sarah is a certified compliance expert and the President and founder of CCI. As our Lead Auditor, Sarah specializes in consulting relationships, assisting our clients in developing and managing effective Compliance Management Systems. She enjoys developing long-lasting relationships with her clients and sits on multiple Compliance Committees.

Steve Doty, CRCM

Steve is a valuable member of our team with over 20 years in the Banking Industry. Having worked as a universal banker, assistant branch manager, BSA Officer, and Compliance Officer, Steve's experience allows him to fully understand his clients' needs. As a certified compliance expert with considerable knowledge and expertise, Steve excels at confirming his clients' accuracy down to the very last detail.

Kristin Rice

Kristin is our Sales and Marketing Director and has introduced our company to many midwestern Community Banks. A people-person to the core, she is always more than happy to speak about CCI, explaining our services and answering any questions she can.

Jackie Smith

Our newest addition to the team, Jackie brings even more banking experience to our auditing team. She has served in rural community banks as the compliance officer and in executive rolls for over 20 years. She is well versed in exactly what it takes for banks to serve their community while keeping their compliance program in order.