IT management is another area that requires constant overview and maintenance. CCI experts will assist our clients with a number of areas in their IT department including procedures, up to date policies, incident response, vendor management, and more to ensure an effective and up to date program.

Customizable Services Include:

CCI will review your IT policies and procedures.We will ensure they are updated and are accurately reflected in your IT program. We will evaluate your existing policies for adhering to regulations and offer our recommendations for improving and streamlining these procedures. We can also assist you in the preparation and implementation of new policies.

Financial institutions rely upon third parties to perform a wide variety of services. We can assist in the managing of activities of third-party relationships and identifying and controlling the risks arising from such relationships.

Training for employees helps to address one of the biggest factors in major security breaches: human error. By training employees how to recognize and respond to IT threats, your bank organization can dramatically improve its IT security posture and cyber-resilience. Our training will educate your uses on email and phone phishing attacks, the dark web, attacks on your wire and ACH systems, safe internet browsing, commercial account takeover, and more.

Financial Institutions must be prepared to protect themselves and their clients in the event of something going wrong. We offer services to develop an institution’s specific Instant Response depending on the systems and programs in use. In addition, we can also help create and utilize risk assessments to be used for new systems within your bank.