1ACH-Reversal Rule Changes2021-06-15ACHACH-Reversal Rule Changes 6-15-21
2CFPB Releases EFT FAQs2021-06-08DepositCFPB Releases EFT FAQs 6-8-21
3Escrow Account FAQs2021-06-07LendingEscrow Account FAQs 6-7-21
4PPP Funds Exhausted2021-05-04OtherPPP Funds Exhausted
52021 HMDA Guide Now Available2021-04-05Deposit2021 HMDA Guide Now Available
62021 FFIEC HMDA Guide Now Available2021-04-05Lending2021 FFIEC HMDA Guide Now Available 4-5-21
7PPP Extended to May 31st2021-03-30OtherPPP Extended to May 31st 3-30-21
8Updated PPP Forms2021-03-22OtherUpdated PPP Forms 3-22-21
9ACH Effective Dates at end of this week and end of month2021-03-15ACH
10EIP FAQs Released2021-03-15DepositEIP FAQs Released 3-15-21
11Updated COVID-19 CRA Activities FAQs2021-03-10OtherUpdated COVID-19 CRA Activities FAQs 3-10-21 Registration for PPP Registration for PPP Lenders 2-16-21
13Updates to PPP FAQs2021-02-01OtherUpdates to PPP FAQs 2-1-21
14New Exemption for HPML Escrow Accounts2021-01-20Lending
15CFPB Guidance on Limited English Proficient Customers2021-01-20Lending
16PPP Loan Forgiveness Forms Updated2021-01-20OtherPPP Loan Forgiveness Forms Updated 1-20-21
17Additional PPP Guidance2021-01-19OtherAdditional PPP Guidance 1-19-21
18Second Draw PPP Loan FAQs2021-01-19OtherSecond Draw PPP Loan FAQs 1-19-21
19ACH Rule Changes Coming in 20212021-01-12ACHACH Rule Changes Coming in 2021 1-12-21
20Revised PPP Forms2021-01-11OtherRevised PPP Forms 1-11-21
21CFPB 2021 Exemption Threshold Updates2020-12-28LendingCFPB 2021 Exemption Threshold Updates 12-28-20
222021 CRA Asset-Size Thresholds2020-12-18Other2021 CRA Asset-Size Thresholds 12-18-20
23314(b) Information Sharing Fact Sheet2020-12-14BSA314(b) Information Sharing Fact Sheet 12-14-20
24CFPB Advisory Opinion Program2020-12-07OtherCFPB Advisory Opinion Program 12-7-20
25Ransomware Self-Assessment Tool2020-12-02OtherRansomware Self-Assessment Tool 12-2-20
262021 HMDA FIG Updated2020-11-30Lending2021 HMDA FIG Updated 11-30-20
272021 Threshold Adjustments2020-11-23Lending2021 Threshold Adjustments 11-23-20
28Fair Debt Collection Practices Act2020-11-02LendingFair Debt Collection Practices Act 11-2-20
29CFPB Amends ATR/QM Rule2020-10-27LendingCFPB Amends ATR-QM Rule 10-27-20
30FinCEN Advisory on Unemployment Insurance Fraud During COVID-19 Pandemic2020-10-14BSA
31RESPA FAQs on MSAs and Gifts and Promotional Activities2020-10-13Lending
32Streamlined PPP Forgiveness for Loans $50,000 and Under2020-10-09Other
33New FAQ on PPP Loan Promissory Notes2020-10-08OtherNew FAQ on PPP Loan Promissory Notes 10-8-20
34BSA Due Diligence Requirements for Politically Exposed Persons2020-09-29BSA
35New Interim Rule for PPP Loan Forgiveness Technical Questions2020-08-26Other
36Filing Instruction Guide for 2021 HMDA now Available2020-08-24Lending
37Additional PPP Loan Guidance2020-08-13OtherAdditional PPP Loan Guidance 8-13-20
38Small Dollar Lending FAQ’s2020-08-12LendingSmall Dollar Lending FAQ’s 8-12
39FFIEC Statement on Additional COVID-19 Related Loan Accommodations2020-08-10Lending
40FinCEN Customer Due Diligence FAQs2020-08-07 BSAFinCEN Customer Due Diligence FAQs 8-7-20
41New PPP Forgiveness FAQs2020-08-05 OtherNew PPP Forgiveness FAQs 8-5-20
42FFIEC Census and Demographic Data2020-08-05 OtherFFIEC Census and Demographic Data 8-5-2020
43HMDA FAQs2020-08-04 LendingHMDA FAQs 8-4-20
44FinCEN Advisory on COVID-19 Related Cybercrime2020-07-31 BSA
45PPP Loan Forgiveness Guidance2020-07-24OtherPPP Loan Forgiveness Guidance 7-24-20
46New ACH Data Security Requirement2020-07-22ACHNew ACH Data Security Requirement 7-22-20
47ACH Guidance for Same Day $100,000 Per Transaction Limit2020-07-15ACH
48Payday Lending Rule—Revocation Rule2020-07-08LendingPayday Lending Rule—Revocation Rule 7-8-2-
49BSA Due Diligence Requirements for Hemp-Related Businesses2020-06-29BSA
502020 Distressed/Underserved Tract List2020-06-26Other2020 Distressed-Underserved Tract List 6-26-20
51NACHA Contact Registry2020-06-20ACHNACHA Contact Registry 6-20-20
52CFPB CARES Act Consumer Reporting FAQs2020-06-17OtherCFPB CARES Act Consumer Reporting FAQs 6-17-20
53Reduced PPP Forgiveness Application2020-06-17OtherReduced PPP Forgiveness Application 6-17-20
54Treasury/SBA PPP Flexibility Guidance2020-06-11OtherTreasury-SBA PPP Flexibility Guidance 6-11-20
55TRID Factsheet and FAQs 2020-06-10LendingTRID Factsheet and FAQs 6-10-20
56PPP Flexibility Bill 2020-06-08OtherPPP Flexibility Bill 6-8-20
57CMIR Now Available for E-Filing 2020-06-03BSACMIR Now Available for E-Filing 6-3-20
58PPP Re-Opening and New Guidance 2020-01-08OtherPPP Re-Opening and New Guidance 1-8-21